Travel Vlogging: From Dreaming To Doing with Juliana Broste

qMar 18, 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT

qCanon Burbank, 

Event Description

Discover the world of travel and adventure exploring the globe with your camera in hand.  Learn how to tell YOUR story while capturing the experience on camera in this educational and inspirational session with Travel Vlogger Juliana Broste “TravelingJules.”  Listen in as Jules’ shares stories from the road and reveals great lessons learned in the field.  We’ll start with the basics, choosing your niche, building your brand, and understanding the business of vlogging.  We’ll preview travel-video must-haves: what to pack (and what to leave at home), to be prepared for anything in real-world filming situations.  We’ll dive into the video production process, learning how to take an idea from start to finish.  And of course, we’ll learn how to turn the camera back on ourselves and discover the art of vlogging.  
This session is designed for beginner travel vloggers or current vloggers who want to takevlogging
to the next level!  So, whether you’re still dreaming your next trip, or you’re knee-deep in creating your own travel content, you’ll find your tribe here in this special session on all things travel vlogging.  Join us.

  • Getting Started: Finding your niche, setting expectations, making goals, and building your brand.
  • What’s in my bag?  Travel Vlogging Must-Haves
  • The Process: Pre-production, Production and Post-Production
  • Real World Filming: What to Expect
  • Spotlight on Storytelling: How to crafting YOUR story
  • Tips for being on-camera talent
  • The Business of Vlogging
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Travel Vlogging: From Dreaming To Doing with Juliana Broste
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